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Biggest Challenge about making money with Facebook, Google and Bing Ads is related to Rigrous Testing. If you are looking for getting Best Performing Ad that can bring Lots of Traffic for Lowest CPC like $0.001 , you need to Test Your Ads for different Variables and these are - 

Factor 1. Ad Images- Create variations of Ad Images to get the Best Performing  
Factor 2. Ad Copy - Put the Best Copy on the Best Ad Image and get best Ad Copy+ Best Ad Image 
Factor 3. Audience - Test Different Audiences on Best Ad Copy+ Best Ad Image to get Best working Audience 
Factor 4. Bid  - Best Bid you can get from Best Ad Image+ Best Ad Copy + Best Audience 

Winner Facebook Ad= Best Ad Image + Best Ad Copy+ Best Audience + Minimum Bid that is getting maximum Clicks 

This is the most important Part of any Advertising Campaign and if you Master this , you will be Master of Traffic !  

You need to Put your 100% for Learning this and I am sure that it is going to change your life if you really care about to Change. 

The 388 Rule 
This is the best Rule to Start an Ad campaign to get the winning Ad. Let us understand this in simple way (this is applied for testing all above Factors )
3- Campaigns have 3 different Goals Image , Audience, Ad Text Copy 
8- Ad Set per campaign  consist Variations 
8- Ad Per Ad Set Consist Variations .

camppaign Image
 That means 3 X 8 X 8 = 192 Ads

You will be thinking Crazy about this that How you could Create 192 Ad Images for a Single Post or Offer to get maximum ROI ? 
How Many Days it will consume ?

Answer is - Not more then 1 Hour ! 

I am going to explain a shortcut about this Testing method. There are Few Secret Tools that make this work very Easy. 

How to do Ad Testing Fast to get maximum Results? 
 Decrease the 388 Rule to Test Phase

You can Start with 1 Campaign and test only 1 X 3 X 3 String and then further improve that.  

Now here is a Shortcut to Skip this Heavy Testing. 

What if you can get Winning Ads and its Copy Directly that you competitors are using?

Correct, Your Competitors might did Heavy Lifting of Testing already and You can easily Copy this using a Tool.

What Is The Hack?
AdvertSuite is Worlds #1 & Biggest FB Ads Search Software that can explore winning Ads within Few Clicks. It really save my time from Testing and I use to grab direct winning Ads in my Niche. and that is the biggest Key for Winning Ads. Not only FB Ads, this tool also works for other Platforms if you have its upgraded Version.  

This Tool work in 3 Steps-

Enter Your Target audience Filters (Age, Audience, Keywords, competitors). 

View Active & Past Campaigns, Landing pages & Results from Any Advertiser online.

Copy & Implement The ads that work so you don’t waste money on ads that don’t!

Once you get the Winning Ads of your competitors , You can Just replicate them to your own Ad Campaigns and skip the Testing phase that require many days. 

The Only thing you have to do is to Testing for cheapest CPC. 

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Facebook Ads can be very profitable for your business. But it’s also a way to lose a lot of money if you don’t do it right.​​​​

There’s a lot of courses out there on ads but they assume you know how to setup the Facebook Pixel and implement the tracking within your funnel. The reality is there are standard events that track certain steps thru the funnel.

Placing the same pixel code without any changes on all your pages won’t do you any good.

In this specific video training course, you will learn what you need to do to install your Facebook Ad Pixel tracking to get results.


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Buyer Triggers

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The mind is the root of every action and reaction in our


What we do physically is merely the manifestation of what’s going on in our mind. Our actions are extensions of our thoughts. 

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There’s nothing more powerful than a carefully crafted story that fulfills the needs of your core market.

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