EyeSlick Review- Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

  • Sell Digital or Physical Products:Listing a product is simple to do. Just click, add your description and choose your price. Your product is live and available in our marketplace. This works for digital product owners, or even dropshippers with all the info you need available in your dashboard.
  • Affiliate Products, Webinar or Lead Gen: Copy/paste your links to any affiliate offers, websites, lead capture pages, social pages & more for easy leads and sales
  • Get Tips & Donations:Get Paid Even When You’re Not Selling.Your viewers have the option to leave tips for you, so even if you don’t list a single product eyeSlick can still earn you cash!
  • Sell Video Courses: Inbuilt video importer. Go live from your phone/computer, upload or fill your channel with content from YouTube.
  • Gamification & Rewardst:Engaging | Fun | Authority .Whether you’ve won a competition, sold your first item, or even just joined the community, we’ve got hundreds of celebrations you and your viewers will receive to encourage engagement and interaction.
  • Scheduling & Push Notifications:Automated inBuilt Alerts.Let everyone know when you’re going live with our inbuilt push notifications to draw in an instant audience when you add new content or when your next live session is about to begin.